Trillium Introduces Full Cloud Service for Data Quality

Cloud computing has continued to become more and more prevalent among businesses. Addressing the increased demand for the cloud approach, Trillium Software, a Harte Hanks company and global provider of enterprise data quality solutions, has announced Trillium Cloud, a new service platform that provides organizations with an enterprise data quality solution, consumable via a managed public cloud environment. The service eliminates the traditional procurement, deployment and operational burdens of hardware and software infrastructure and licensed applications, enabling clients to implement a complete data quality solution within 30 days and further improving their ROI on data-dependent investments in systems and programs.

Trillium Cloud contains all of the features of Trillium Software Systems: comprehensive data profiling and analysis for data stewards, data cleansing and enrichment for developing a single view of the customer, and matching and linking – all within a cloud environment.

“We have made our entire Trillium stack software system available via the cloud," stated Will Schanz, senior vice president of Cloud Solutions at Trillium Software.  Trillium Cloud bypasses some of the complexities of having an on-premise system, allowing for the business users to completely focus on their business tasks and not have to worry about their data software.

The market has begun to shift as users seek more subscription-based pay models that Trillium Cloud enables, paying for only what they need, as opposed to paying a  fixed price for the software. Acording to Trillium, the new cloud offering also boasts a time to value of 30 days, enabling for businesses to obtain a faster ROI on data-dependent investments in systems and programs.

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