Trillium Software Delivers New Version of Enterprise Data Quality Solution

Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. and a provider of data quality solutions, has released version 12 of the Trillium Software System. The new capabilities of this release are specifically targeted to address four major trends that Trillium sees, namely the data governance movement to enterprise-wide data quality project deployment, the need for real-time data quality as initiatives move from traditional business intelligence environments to operational environments, the expanding roles of data stewards and business analysts, and the need for complete end-to-end data quality platforms. Given these factors, the latest version of Trillium's enterprise data quality solution provides for high-volume data profiling and discovery, data cleansing, and data quality dashboards and reporting.

The Trillium Software System version 12 is a major release delivering significant new capabilities and features including ActiveEnterprise Resources, a Business Rules Library, Dashboarding and Reporting Enhancements, and Global Language Support for the User Interface.

ActiveEnterprise Resources is a collection of components that accelerate the ability to deliver real-time data quality projects and services in high-availability production environments. These components include a Project Deployment Manager, Director System Manager, and Cleansing Rules Analyzer. These components work together to enable users to test quality projects and rules, configure and integrate quality processes into enterprise applications, and monitor data quality servers across the enterprise. Len Dubois, senior vice president of marketing for Trillium tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the ActiveEnterprise Resources take the batch functionality that exists for data cleansing, business rules, and so forth, and makes them available on a real-time basis for operational enterprise applications such as SAP and Siebel."

The Business Rules Library empowers users to easily design, deploy, manage, and share user-defined business rules across multiple data sources and systems from one location. The library enhances support for data governance and enables organizations to enforce data quality corporate standards for all types of data domains including product, customer, supplier and financial data. Dubois points out that "often, companies start with just one data quality project and then want to reuse the business rules created for that project as they expand into an enterprise-wide project mode. The new Business Rules Library is a key enabler for this capability."

New data quality scorecards and reporting is available for distribution through a browser-based presentation layer in the form of charts, ratings and graphs. Users can create valuable, customized displays and trends of data quality metrics from out-of-the-box or user-defined data quality rules. The latest version also offers a user interface with the ability to create language-specific screens, and provides an expanded level of coverage for more countries with support of double-byte, single-byte, and Unicode languages and individual country templates.

For more information about Trillium and the latest product version, go here.