Trillium Software Introduces Big Data Quality Solution for Hadoop Environments

With the belief that big data is meaningless to an organization if it is not correct and complete, Trillium Software has unveiled Trillium Big Data, a data quality solution that extends the capabilities of the flagship Trillium Software System to the Hadoop big data environment.

“Better data means better decisions. Trillium Software is the first data quality software provider to validate data that enables organizations to chart a buyer’s path to purchase,” said Phil Galati, CEO at Trillium Software. “In addition, timely risk mitigation, fraud detection and compliance are vital capabilities for sustaining competitive advantage in the retail, consumer products, and financial services industries. Trillium Big Data is the second in a series of planned new product launches for Trillium Software in 2015 which will help organizations increase the value of their data.”

Helping organizations derive business value from high volume data sets to uncover new business insights across a global Hadoop environment, Trillium Big Data supports analytic techniques like machine learning and identity stitching. As a result, the value of big data is improved by providing data quality capabilities to current Hadoop environments while also implementing Trillium Big Data for the future for new execution frameworks such as Spark and Tez.

With Trillium Big Data, business professionals who need more insight and visibility into the quality of data pooled in Hadoop will be able to build the best view of their global customer base by creating comprehensive single customer views and gaining actionable customer insights to improve the customer experience; align big data to business goals and bring new data insights to current business objectives; uncover data details and valuable information by profiling and analyzing multi-domain data to identify buying behaviors, areas of improvement and application results; maximize the value of their Big Data investments and optimize operational efficiency to minimize cost/time spent on data remediation while maintaining high-performance data processing and analytics; and cleanse international datasets with support for data cleansing and matching with postal and country-code validation and enrichment natively within the Hadoop environment.

Trillium Software, a Harte Hanks Company, will be demonstrating Trillium Big Data at the annual Strata + Hadoop World conference, February 17 – 20 in San Jose, California, USA at booth #1615. In addition, Trillium representatives can be found at the Solutions Showcase Theatre on Friday, February 20th at 1:15 p.m. Pacific. For more information about Trillium Big Data,  visit the Trillium Big Data Web and resources page.