Trillium Software Unveils Latest Version of Global Locator

Trillium Software, a provider of data quality solutions, has introduced the latest version of Global Locator, the company's one-step software solution for location intelligence and matching address information with global geocoding data. Global Locator provides a precise worldwide geocoding intelligence solution, for extremely accurate latitude/longitude information as well as address validation, cleansing and enrichment capabilities that enhance business processes and applications dependent on location data.

Last year, Trillium brought out geocoding capability as part of its data quality development efforts, predominantly focusing only on 60 core countries, Ed Wrazen, vice president, product marketing at Trillium Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "With this new announcement what we have done is extended that capability now to provide location intelligence, and by that I mean geocoding - latitude/longitude appending - to some 238 countries," says Wrazen. "It's the first time that we have launched this to the marketplace. This is also a solution that that we see has a lot of vertical applications in specific businesses, as well as being very closely aligned to data quality. As organizations need to correct and cleanse their location data, increasingly, location intelligence and geocoding provides far more precise information for certain business applications, where that level of granularity is important."

According to Trillium, Global Locator can improve sales efforts, marketing activity, promotions, deliveries, and risk analysis in companies across a variety of vertical industries. For example, in the insurance sector, it can help firms to better price individual risks and more accurately underwrite against damage resulting from natural disasters or floods. And, in shipping and logistics, it can help organizations optimize delivery route planning for lower fuel costs and time savings as well as help to identify optimal distribution hubs and exact locations of delivery points.

The software can be directly integrated into business applications and processes, and complements existing global positioning systems or location intelligence solutions. For Trillium Software customers, Global Locator is also available on the Trillium Software System enterprise data quality platform. For more information about Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc., go here, and for more about Global Locator, go here.