TrustArc Launches GDPR Individual Rights Management Solution

TrustArc, a data privacy management company, has announced the TrustArc Individual Rights Manager, a solution to help companies address data subject access rights requests in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

According to TrustArc, articles 12 and 15-23 of the GDPR provide several individual rights regarding the use of personal data, including rights to access, rectify, erase, restrict, move, and object to processing. These rights are among the top priorities for companies to comply with GDPR as they carry high financial fines, and non-compliance poses significant brand risk. To help companies comply with these requirements, TrustArc has designed what it describes as a comprehensive individual rights management solution.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager provides a customizable solution enabling users to submit individual rights requests and companies to efficiently manage review and follow-up; a set of regulatory assessment templates to help companies understand which individual rights apply to their processing, along with recommended remediation and a case management workflow; and access to consultants to help develop a streamlined and sustainable process for responding to data subject access requests in line with GDPR requirements.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager is part of the TrustArc Privacy Platform, which also provides solutions for conducting DPIAs, creating data flow maps, and producing GDPR compliance reports.

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