TrustCloud Business Intelligence Helps Security Leaders Track Compliance Programs

TrustCloud, the Trust Assurance platform that uses AI to upgrade GRC into a profit center, is introducing TrustCloud Business Intelligence, a suite of dashboards and reports that equip GRC and security leaders to track and share the business, risk, and financial impact of their trust programs.

According to the company, TrustCloud Business Intelligence pulls in real-time data from TrustCloud’s compliance readiness, risk management, and security review applications and quantifies status and outcomes in easily digestible and shareable dashboards, so GRC and security professionals can monitor the health of their GRC program, see their impact on revenue, and quickly align leaders when making a case for new budget requests.

This suite of real-time business intelligence analytics and dashboards is available to all TrustCloud customers today.  

TrustCloud Business Intelligence is thoughtfully designed to meet the reporting needs of CISOs, and bridge the gap between practitioners and executives by tying GRC outcomes to their business and revenue impact, according to the company.

TrustCloud Business Intelligence helps CISOs and GRC leaders:

  • Build alignment with their board of directors
  • Prove their impact on revenue
  • Track the health and progress of Governance and Compliance programs

“TrustCloud is empowering GRC leaders to upgrade GRC into a profit center through AI and applications designed to maximize operational efficiency, accelerate revenue and security reviews, and minimize financial liability,” said Sravish Sridhar, CEO and Founder of TrustCloud. “Now, TrustCloud Business Intelligence will equip these champions of trust to tell their story and prove impact to colleagues, leadership and board members. I’m so proud to usher in an era where GRC and GRC leaders will be recognized for their value and positive impact to their organizations.”

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