Trustwave Releases New Database Security Updates

Trustwave is introducing a new database security scanning and testing software that helps organizations better protect critical data assets hosted on-site or by major cloud service providers.

“Databases are the proverbial ‘bank vaults’ cybercriminals aim to crack leveraging malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, savvy social engineering and other sophisticated means,” said C.J. Spallitta, senior vice president of product management at Trustwave. “As businesses continue expanding globally, obtain new assets through acquisitions and adopt mixed computing models to control costs, maintaining data visibility while keeping pace with an evolving threat landscape becomes a mountainous challenge. Trustwave helps ensure no matter where data is housed, on-premises or offsite in a hosted cloud, it is safeguarded from the latest threats and actions.”

Trustwave DbProtect is a highly-scalable comprehensive database security platform that delivers real-time visibility and protection to data housed across an organization’s entire footprint no matter where the data traverses or resides.

The software offers robust compliance management capabilities through constant monitoring for unusual data behaviors indicative of a breach or policy violations.

New features in Trustwave DbProtect include:  

  • Support for major cloud providers
  • Database discovery and agentless scanning
  • Cybersecurity risk and compliance infraction reduction
  • Real-time alerting for threats and policy violations
  • Single dashboard view and superior reporting

Trustwave DbProtect currently protects more than half a million databases in organizations ranging from medium to large enterprises and government institutions and offers several options for deployment on-premises or in the cloud. 

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