TwinStrata and Scality Partner to Provide Turnkey Private Cloud Storage

TwinStrata, Inc., a provider of data protection and iSCSI cloud storage solutions, has integrated Scality's RING storage platform into its family of CloudArray virtual and physical appliances. With the addition of Scality integration, CloudArray customers can now choose and deploy either a private cloud environment or connect with available public cloud providers powered by Scality RING, and receive off-site data protection and disaster recovery capabilities on a plug-and-play basis.

"Storing, backing up and archiving an always increasing amount of data without growing the cost is one of the biggest challenges for business IT today," says Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality. "Our self-repairing storage architecture revolutionizes the enterprise world by delivering the economics of the cloud to every enterprise. Our partnership with TwinStrata offers enterprises an easy to deploy and secure solution to deal with critical data protection, email archiving and disaster recovery at a significantly reduced cost."

TwinStrata's CloudArray's "like-local" performance, control, and policy-driven automation enables Scality customers to leverage the on-demand elasticity and adaptability of Scality's RING cloud storage through asynchronous replication, in-cloud snapshots, dynamic caching, in-flight and at-rest encryption, compression, iSCSI, and continuous access to and control of data in the cloud. In the event of a disruption or an outage, data can be rapidly restored on-site, off-site, or in the cloud, providing secure, anywhere, anytime application and data accessibility.

Scality's RING software combines the storage capabilities of numerous x86 generic servers to deliver a storage cloud infrastructure with carrier-grade scalability, service availability and data reliability. Scality's RING enables a lower cost of ownership, while providing a very simple management interface where additional performance or capacity can be added or removed to meet customer needs with zero service interruption.

For more information about TwinStrata and CloudArray software, go here.