Two Matillion Solutions are Now Available on Amazon Redshift

Matillion, a provider of data transformation for cloud data warehouses (CDWs), announced the availability of Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift and Matillion Data Loader on the Amazon Redshift Integration Console. The availability of both products will enable users to load data into Amazon Redshift, join together disparate datasets, and transform data into an analytics-ready state, according to the vendor.

Having achieved the Amazon Redshift Ready designation, Matillion enables global customers such as Aramex, Citrix, Momentum Energy and more, to gain faster time to insights, prepare data for machine learning (ML), reduce ETL development and maintenance, and free up development resources for data innovation.

Matillion is one of five Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners with solutions currently available in the Amazon Redshift Integration Console.

Matillion’s two products enable enterprises wherever they are on their cloud data journey from simple data loading to complex data transformations.

Matillion Data Loader works independently as a lightweight solution to load data and works with Matillion ETL as a platform to join and transform data sources for analytics.

Purpose-built to work with Amazon Redshift, Matillion ETL enables users to take advantage of the power and scalability of Amazon Redshift features— including Amazon Redshift Cluster management, control of Amazon Redshift workload management (WLM) rules, view and analysis for execution plans for queries, specific Amazon Redshift Spectrum capabilities support, and more.

“The cloud allows enterprises to store massive data volumes while fast, scalable, and flexible data integration solutions make all that data useful for every function of the business,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO at Matillion. “The availability of Matillion products on the Amazon Redshift Integration Console gives organizations the power and speed necessary to get to insights quickly, with various data sources inside a single view, delivering accurate, timely information for better business performance.”

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