Type80 Ships Real-Time Mainframe Security Monitoring Tool

Type80 Security Software, Inc., a provider of real-time intrusion detection and response software for the IBM mainframe, has updated its real-time security event monitoring solution for the IBM z/OS operating system. Type80 SMA_RT Release 3.3 is designed to help centralize security event monitoring, bridging the gap between mainframe and network security products.

Type80’s SMA_RT, uses intelligent data mining from multiple z/OS system sources to provide increased mainframe security. “SMA_RT Release 3.3 transports security log and audit information from the IBM z/OS mainframe, in Real-Time, to any SIM, SIEM or Log Consolidation software running in a distributed environment” said Jerry Harding, managing director of Type80.

New features of SMA_RT 3.3 include the ability to write event data and store it on the z/OS mainframe itself in addition to, or in place of sending it to the SIEM or log consolidation software product residing on the network.

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