Type80 Validates Mainframe Security Tracking

Type80 Security Software, Inc., a provider of real-time intrusion detection and response software for the IBM mainframe, announced it has successfully completed validating its products for use with z/OS V2.2, the latest version of IBM’s zSeries operating system.

“For industries like finance, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and others, reporting mainframe security issues to the enterprise in real-time is a necessity. In practice, it can be very complex, but it is simply what we do,” said Jerry Harding, managing director of Type80.

The certified solution is designed to keep track of security-related events within IBM's z/OS V2.2 operating system. Type80’s software helps centralize security event monitoring and bridges the gap between mainframe and network security products. It sends condensed security log and audit information from the IBM z/OS mainframe, in real-time, to any SIM, SIEM, or Log Consolidation software running in a distributed environment.

More information is available at Type80’s website at