UC4 Announces Updated Automation Tools and Platform

UC4, an IT automation provider, announced a new line of IT automation tools that supports a range of environments across enterprises. The company simultaneously announced it is shipping ONE Automation, a new solution for cross-platform automation, along with UC4 Automation Platform version 9, designed to provide end-to-end enterprise automation.

ONE Automation is a unified high-level automation solution that intelligently orchestrates business processes, applications, and IT infrastructure. UC4 unifies enterprise application and infrastructure automation functionality onto a single platform. With UC4, users first architect and control the execution of application process flows, then orchestrate the underlying infrastructure to meet required service levels. ONE Automation is intended to eliminate the cost and complexity of managing multiple tools, frees staff for more productive work and improves service delivery by creating more agile and responsive IT infrastructure.

"Most customers heavily script their solutions and rely on manual intervention to manage dependencies, release distribution, backups, reorgs and other repetitive processes," Craig Beddis, SVP of Rest of World at UC4 Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "These can be difficult to monitor and prone to error. For those with some form of automation in place, there is often a point solution that was necessary to address a specific immediate need,which is not necessarily reusable throughout the enterprise."

The UC4 Automation Platform version 9 includes extended capability that includes a range of run book and application release automation functions, enhancements to managed file transfer as well as features to create or modify automation process flows. The UC4 Automation Platform now ships standard with purpose built solutions for critical areas of enterprise automation; job scheduling, application process automation, run book, virtualization management, managed file transfer and application release automation.

Also shipping with the UC4 Automaton Platform are a policy engine and analytical tools. The automation capability extends to database operations such as configuration changes, support for provisioning for "big data," and other functions, Beddis adds. "UC4 customers automate database operations all the way through the application lifecycle from automating the configuration and provisioning of resources for new development projects, copying production database images for testing and QA through to managing the deployment of updates and new software packages"

UC4's automation solutions also integrate with all main systems frameworks including HP OpenView, BMC Patrol, and Tivoli, says Beddis. "Our product roadmap continues the expansion of our integration into the up-and-coming SaaS-based systems management platforms and top tier cloud providers as well."

More information is available here.

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