UC4 Software Acquires Application Release Automation Vendor

UC4, a provider of IT process automation solutions, announced it is acquiring Ventum Solutions, a software provider specializing in enterprise release management. Application release automation is a key capability for organizations struggling with DevOps, IT as a Service, cloud and big data initiatives.

"UC4's ONE Automation platform is well suited to address the growing demand for application release automation accelerated by new technologies and models such as cloud and virtualization," says Jason Liu, CEO of UC4 Software. "With the acquisition of Ventum, UC4 now has an end-to-end solution that unifies the application release process with operational IT process automation in the datacenter. The UC4 automation engine provides a seamless way to deploy and maintain applications and their infrastructure."

UC4 Application Release Automation is an end-to-end solution for planning, coordinating and automating software releases, including automated deployment of applications across large-scale server environments. It streamlines application release workflow management for even the largest enterprise environments while reducing deployment cost in the process.

Ventum's enterprise release management software adds key capabilities to UC4's solution, including application and component modeling, test environment scheduling, and a centralized approval process.

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