UC4 Software Expands Automation Capabilities for SAP Applications

UC4 Software, a provider of service automation and IT process optimization solutions, expanded its offerings for SAP customers with a new integration of UC4 software with SAP Financial Closing cockpit, and extensions to its UC4 Automated System Copy for SAP solution, to help customers maximize their investments in SAP applications.

The integration of UC4 with SAP Financial Closing cockpit is intended to help customers achieve faster closes. With two-way communication offered by UC4 between its automation platform and the financial closing cockpit, users can integrate UC4 process flows, jobs and file transfers with SAP applications' tasks and accelerate the month-end close process.

UC4 also provides a complete audit trail that complements the audit capabilities in SAP ERP Financials; and UC4's integration with the financial closing application allows users to access and control processes on both SAP systems and non-SAP systems from the UC4 platform. In addition, the automation of the month end-close with UC4 helps accelerate the process and makes it reliable and repeatable.

UC4 has also introduced extensions to its UC4 Automated System Copy for SAP solution, with the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) extension for ABAP stack. "System copy is a big challenge for customers," says Ralf Paschen, a product marketing executive at UC4. UC4, he notes, has approximately 600 enterprise customers companies using its software with their SAP applications.

The new extension brings the benefits of UC4 Automated System Copy for SAP to SAP NetWeaver BW users and enables them to quickly and easily copy their SAP NetWeaver BW systems, allowing them to accelerate the system copy process by eliminating manual tasks and reducing errors.

UC4 also announced the beta version of its Java stack integration for UC4 Automated System Copy for SAP, in answer to demand from customers, adds Paschen. With the release of the Java stack integration, UC4 Automated System Copy for SAP can address the needs of dual stack (ABAP + Java) systems. The Java stack integration is expected to be available in the December 2010/January 2011 timeframe, according to Paschen.

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