UC4 Software Unveils Agent to Automate SOA and Cloud Computing

UC4 Software, a provider of IT automation solutions, announced a new agent designed to initiate and manage web service-enabled jobs as part of background processing, and enable customers to extend the benefits of automation into SOA and cloud environments.

The UC4 Agent for Web Services is intended to enable customers to bring the cost savings benefits of automation to SOA and the cloud, reduce risks in modernization projects, and extend automation to web service-enabled applications and tools, the vendor says. With an intuitive user interface, the UC4 Agent for Web Services supports WSDL and SOAP, and helps eliminate the need for manual coding and command lines.

"UC4's core automation engine goes well beyond simple job scheduling and handles automation across physical, virtual and cloud environments," Matthew Busch, product marketing executive at UC4, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The UC4 Automation Engine has externally facing services as part of the core offering. The UC4 Agent for Web Services plugs in to the automation engine and enables customers to automate SOA or cloud-based applications services located inside or outside the enterprise and into the cloud."

Currently, companies undertaking manual processes to integrate with cloud applications are taking too many risks, Busch points out. "Whether in the physical data center or the cloud, manual processing introduces the potential for delays, errors, or inaccuracies in the results. Automation eliminates those risks. Businesses using automation in their physical data centers want the same level of automation out in the cloud. They can't afford to take a step backward."

More information is available here.