UL Implements Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to Support Company Growth

A growing customer base and numerous acquisitions prompted the safety science organization UL to upgrade its IT infrastructure. UL has implemented Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite, enabling the company to boost performance, increase operational efficiency, as well as simplify the management of its IT environment. 

According to the company, its implementation of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, a pre-configured, pre-tested and tightly integrated engineered system for business applications, runs up to 10 times faster than its previous IT environment, enabling the company to more quickly deliver information to its customers and drive better decision-making.

In addition, by consolidating its business applications on the single physical platform with Exalogic and E-Business Suite, tasks that previously required numerous steps and multiple tools can now be done much more quickly. UL now plans to deploy Oracle Traffic Director to balance application loads across the Oracle platform.

“The past few years have been an exciting time at UL as we embarked on both a business and IT transformation that is allowing us to deliver more value to our customers and take revenue growth to the next level,” said Christian Anschuetz, senior vice president and CIO, UL. “Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite have served as the backbone of this technological change, and the performance, scalability and availability of the Oracle platform has positioned us to grow and build our business well into the future.”