Uncovering Insights in a Mess of Data

As data continues to grow analysts, scientists, and other business users can’t always find the insights they are looking for.

Worse yet, the quality and level of confidence in these assets are constantly in question.

DBTA recently held a webcast with Paul Brunet, vice president of product marketing, Collibra, who discussed how enterprises can deliver an outstanding user experience to enable data citizens to more easily and effectively find, understand, and trust data to drive enterprise value.

Digital disruptions are happening faster than ever, Brunet explained. According to a McKinsey study,
“Why digital strategies fail”, January 2018, 8% of companies believe their business model will remain economically viable through digitization.

It’s all about balancing the "data engagement" sweet spot, Brunet said. This means finding a happy medium between offense/defense and control/freedom.

Unfortunately, people are actively making this data deluge worse, creating a data engagement gap. New capabilities and definitions are needed throughout the organization, according to Brunet. Strategies to create better visibility include structuring architecture with solutions that form data experience, a catalog, and governance.

Collibra can help organizations sift through the mess, Brunet said.

Collibra allows data consumers to:

  • Easily find the right data
  • Quickly understand what the data means
  • Explicitly trust the data because its entire context is known
  • Advance data privacy in a changing regulatory environment

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.