Understanding How DataOps Can Unlock the Power within the Enterprise

DataOps is becoming the solution enterprises are choosing to bring improved quality and reduced cycle times to data analytics. Borrowing from Agile Development, DevOps and statistical process control, this new methodology is poised to revolutionize data analytics with its eye on the entire data lifecycle.

However, improving the flow of data between managers and consumers within an organization through greater communication, integration, and automation is no simple task, and it requires process changes as well as enabling technologies.

DBTA held a webinar with Susan Cook, CEO, Zaloni; Dan Potter, VP of product marketing, Qlik; and Chris Bergh, CEO, DataKitchen, who discussed emerging DataOps best practices and solutions.

You can’t buy DataOps, it is a combination of people, processes, and technology, Potter explained. You should invest in modern technology which supports key DataOps principles and significantly accelerates your time to insight, Potter said. He outlined the 5 key DataOps technology requirements which include modern integration that is continuous, universal, automated, agile, and trustworthy.

DataKitchen DataOps Software Platform that delivers new business insights by enabling the development and deployment of innovative, high quality data analytic pipelines, Bergh said.

DataOps with DataKitchen can help users decrease cycle time of innovation and change, lower error rates in production, improve collaboration intra-inter-team, and measure progress for a lower cost and more insight.

Zaloni’s Arena platform is an end-to-end, governed DataOps software that empowers enterprises to optimize costs while accelerating and improving analytics, according to Cook.

It offers governance processes that give the right people access to the right data; automates encryption, data quality, and track lineage for efficient security; and analytics value and trust grow with optimized data operations.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.