Understanding the Nuances of Informatica’s IDMC as an Azure Native ISV Service

With the proliferation of various tools and solutions available on the market today, selecting one—and, in turn, understanding its functionality—is becoming increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, DBTA gathered experts from Microsoft and Informatica for the webinar, Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud as an Azure Native ISV Service, to discuss the nuance of leveraging cloud capabilities for data management within the Azure ecosystem, helping to cultivate greater understanding around Informatica and Microsoft’s collaborative software.

Jason Tolbert, senior director, strategic alliances at Informatica, positioned the topic as a remarkable instance of teamwork to bring new, enhanced functionality to the Azure ecosystem.

“This [solution] represents a ton of effort that’s been going on with the joint engineering teams from Microsoft and Informatica in order to bring the capabilities of our data management cloud into the Azure console, and…to create a unified, seamless experience within the Azure console… [as well as] to bring new capabilities that aren’t possible without the combined works of both engineering teams,” explained Tolbert.

Informatica’s cloud data management solution affords the Azure platform with AI-powered, metadata-driven, cloud-native capabilities to discover, catalog, ingest, cleanse, integrate, optimize, govern, secure, and master data. Informatica works with Microsoft to deliver the data foundation necessary for Microsoft to provide its suite of AI and analytics tools, according to Tolbert.

“We have a single, unified SaaS platform built on Azure which addresses all of the critical data challenges that customers will face as they’re trying to get good data that they trust inside of [Microsoft] Fabric, inside of AI, inside of Synapse, in order to drive good, positive outcomes,” Tolbert noted.

Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is the only complete, end-to-end data management solution for Microsoft Fabric, which processes over 95T-plus transactions per month. IDMC offers the following benefits:

  • Cloud-native, as-a-service, microservices-based platform
  • Optimized for multi-cloud and hybrid data management
  • Security-by-design architecture
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Globally available
  • Purchasable through the Azure Marketplace

Key to Microsoft and Informatica’s partnership is offering the IDMC as an Azure Native ISV Service, which focuses on how Informatica is delivered as a service inside the Azure Management Console, and how it can create new capabilities for its users.

Pavan Lakkala, principal product manager at Microsoft, explained that the Azure Native ISV Service capability extends the Azure Management Console to provide Informatica’s data management services natively with:

  • Single, unified customer experience on Azure Portal
  • Networking (VNET), Identity (MI), and billing (Marketplace)
  • Support for custom hardware and network requirements

Ajay Gollapalli, ecosystem solution director at Informatica, then led webinar viewers through a demo of how Informatica’s IDMC as an Azure Native ISV Service works.

Essentially, it is an “end-to-end environment where they’ll be able to specify not only procurement…not only deployment [and] provisioning capabilities… [but also] a single sign-on…with all the different complements they can bring onto the environment itself,” said Gollapalli.

“This is truly a game-changer for existing Azure customers because they are not only getting a single, unified customer experience of Informatica, but also getting the best-of-breed solutions within Azure so they don’t have to maintain it in two different clouds, maintain in in two different environments; it's all tightly integrated through the Azure Native ISV Service program,” Gollapalli continued.

For the full, in-depth webinar discussing Informatica’s IDMC as an Azure Native ISV Service, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.