Unifying Architecture Between Private and Google Cloud Platforms

HTBASE, a composable infrastructure and multi-cloud solution provider, and Google Cloud Platform have announced a partnership to provide users a unified infrastructure between private and  the Google Cloud Platform that allows the transfer workloads, including OCH and VMware virtual machines between the Google Cloud and private infrastructure without transformation.

With this integration with Google Cloud Platform, HTBASE says, it is providing an engineered a solution that allows businesses to pool compute, storage and network from local infrastructure, enabling data and VMs transferring within the local IT infrastructure and Google Cloud servers without transformation.

Maestro is one of the key modules within HTBASE’s composable infrastructure stack and, according to HTBASE, through Maestro, IT administrators can now move unmodified workloads, even OCH and VMware virtual machines, between Google Cloud Platform and private infrastructure.

The integration with Google Cloud Platform enables functions such as creation control of virtual machines and objects, both locally and in Google Compute Engine through a single pane of glass; integration of network between local infrastructure and Google Cloud Platform, giving administrators the management and automation of layer 2 network between the two environments as one; and integration with Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage as part of the overall pool of resources so organizations can tier, move and replicate data, applications, containers and virtual machines between local environment and Google Cloud Platform without transformation.

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