Unisys Delivers Secure Cloud Solution

Unisys Corporation announced that the Unisys Secure Cloud Solution became available to clients on July 31. The solution is intended to enable enterprise clients to securely move conventional business applications-including those with secure or sensitive data, such as human resources, financial, customer and healthcare information-into a managed, shared cloud service without costly, time-consuming rewrites or other alterations.

The Unisys Secure Cloud Solution is a core component of Unisys cloud computing strategy announced in late June. At that time, Unisys executives said the solutions and services that are part of the new cloud strategy would enable clients to choose the type of data center computing services that best meet their business objectives, from self-managed, automated IT infrastructures to Unisys-managed cloud services. Organizations can create a private cloud within their data centers, a public cloud through secure Unisys-managed cloud solutions, or a hybrid cloud solution combining the best of both private and Unisys-managed cloud services.

The four offerings include the Unisys Secure Cloud Solution, as well as Cloud Transformation Services, a cloud-in-a-box solution, and a hybrid cloud solution.

The Secure Cloud Solution integrates Unisys patent-pending Stealth data protection technology, which cloaks data from detection as it moves through the network. As a result, clients in a multi-tenant environment can share the same IT infrastructure without fear of compromising the security of their data.

As a managed public cloud service, Unisys Secure Cloud Solution enables global delivery of multiple new services: Secure Infrastructure as a Service, Secure Platform as a Service, My Secure Application as a Service, and three Secure Software as a Service offerings: Secure Unified Communication as a Service, Secure Virtual Office as a Service and Secure Document Delivery Service.

The Unisys Secure Cloud Solution, which is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library standard for service management, uses the automation and virtualization capabilities of Unisys real-time infrastructure solutions. Drawing on technologies from key partners as well as Unisys, these solutions enable an organization's IT infrastructure to respond automatically to changes in the business environment.

Unisys worked with Intel to develop the computing architecture that powers the Secure Cloud Solution and collaborated with EMC, drawing on that partner's storage technology to create the information infrastructure that enables fast storage and delivery of information securely in the cloud. Software from partners Scalent Systems and Enigmatec Corporation enables repurposing and orchestration of IT resources to meet the service levels required for clients' business.

Unisys Converged Remote Infrastructure Management solution provides end-to-end operations capabilities for the Unisys Secure Cloud Solution. Based on software from BMC Software, the Converged Remote Infrastructure Management capability gives clients a single view of their infrastructure, managing the cloud from the cloud and enabling them to seamlessly integrate request, change, configuration, incident and availability management into their existing service management infrastructure.

A self-service portal enables clients of Unisys Secure Cloud Solution to scale IT resources in real time to meet fluctuating business requirements. portfolio of Unisys Cloud Transformation Services, also available now, complements the Secure Cloud Solution.

For more information, go to the Unisys website.