Unisys Introduces SmartSource Micro Series Scanner to Offer Cost-Efficient Remote Capture Solution for Small Businesses

Unisys Corp. has introduced a multi-function remote deposit scanner to offer companies a low-cost, easy way to deposit checks from their offices directly into their bank accounts, and provides financial institutions with a cost-effective remote capture solution for small business customers.

The Micro series scanner is the newest addition to the Unisys SmartSource family of image scanning, item-processing products that allow banks and corporate clients to process checks and other payment items remotely and quickly in a secure operating environment. The Unisys SmartSource series includes three model product lines: the Value series, the Professional series and the Expert series.

The new Unisys SmartSource Micro series scanner sells for under $200. It also is small, measuring only 8 by 2.75 inches.

The new release expands the customer base down "into the very low daily volume users, your typical small or micro business customers that may not get many checks at all a day, it could be as few as one to three, but there still is a value to their being able to electronically deposit their items," John Wezner, program manager for payment systems operating unit, Unisys, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "For a very low price, for under $200 list price, they have then the flexibility to capture items and to electronically send them to their bank for deposit."

If banks can get businesses that typically want to deposit checks every day to instead electronically send them, then that is all processed by machine, and there are less tellers needed. The new solution with the lower price is expected to appeal to a much wider range of small businesses. "From a bank's perspective, this removes a lot of the objections that a small business might have," explains Wezner.

The Micro series scanner is completely USB powered, requiring no additional external power source. The scanner uses optical character recognition technology to read the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) line on checks allowing for easier processing since checks do not need to be specifically aligned on the scanning path. The Micro series also can accommodate items from 0.1 to 1.0mm thick, providing additional image capture capabilities for non-check items such as driver's licenses, coupons, and receipts. The scanner is compatible with Silver Bullet's Ranger interface and is fully TWAIN compliant, so integration efforts for these existing applications are minimal.

As a companion to the new Micro series scanner, Unisys also offers a new complete web-based remote capture solution in conjunction with Clear Payments Incorporated (CPI), a Nashville-based software solutions provider. The new solution integrates the convenience of the Micro series scanner with CPI's leading RemitMaster application. By eliminating additional expenses of application support and customer management, this solution lowers costs and provides greater return on investment for financial institutions looking to develop remote deposit capture programs for the small business market. Small business owners can also take advantage of this new solution regardless of their banks' affiliation with CPI or Unisys.

Volume shipments for the SmartSource Micro series will be available on May 1, and the total solution package late second quarter of 2009. For more information, go here.