Unisys Poll Shows Enterprise Users Still Cautious about Mission-Critical Apps in the Cloud

While enterprise users are ready to move a broad set of workloads to the cloud, they remain wary of moving their most critical business application workloads there, according to the results of a recent Unisys poll.

Responding to a question about which parts of enterprise workloads they would choose to move to the cloud first, 46% of the 120 respondents said that they would lead with development/test and support workloads, while another 17% would move quality assurance and pre-production systems first. Additionally, 22% of respondents identified disaster recovery, which is a vital but not mission-critical workload, as a candidate for early deployment in the cloud.

"Even though the poll respondents clearly see the value of cloud computing, the results indicate that they remain reluctant to relinquish control of complex enterprise applications using sensitive information," states Colin Lacey, vice president, Solutions and Services, Unisys. "Those results echo comments we hear in conversations with clients. While they believe that cloud computing can help them improve cost management and operational efficiency, they are skeptical that the cloud infrastructure used by commodity providers can stand up to the stringent service levels that enterprise workloads require. Plus, they are often concerned about entrusting those applications to a third party without assurance that the data could be kept secure."

The Unisys Secure Cloud Solution, a managed public cloud service and a key component of Unisys cloud computing portfolio, is intended to help clients overcome those concerns about cloud computing while also safeguarding operations and lowering IT costs. Unlike commodity cloud offerings, the company states, the Unisys Secure Cloud Solution makes it easier for clients to move enterprise-class applications to the cloud without changing them.

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