Unisys Poll Shows Workers’ Changing Preferences in Use of IT in the Workplace

An online poll of more than 500 enterprise information workers recently conducted by Unisys Corporation shows that a majority prefer using their own PC or a hosted virtual desktop to do their work and to access information resources. Only a minority continues to subscribe to the traditional model of using a PC provided and managed by their company.

"These poll results demonstrate that today's multi-generational, technology-smart workforce is no longer satisfied with a restrictive model of enterprise IT support," states Tony Doye, president, Unisys Global Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services. "They want continual access, at their convenience, to the resources that help them do their jobs, and they want that access through the means best suited to their individual work styles-whether those are smartphones, netbooks, laptops or any devices using a virtual desktop."

In answering the question, "What is your preferred form of personal computer technology for work?" 55% of the 532 respondents favored a non-traditional approach to workplace productivity. Of those respondents, 36% said that they prefer to bring their own PCs to work, while 19% indicated that they prefer to use a hosted virtual desktop. Less than half- 45%-said they still favor a PC provided and managed by their company.

The Unisys poll results confirms growing evidence, from industry analysts and other sources, of workers' interest in using mobile technologies for work-especially those they supply themselves.

To address the evolving requirements of this multi-generational workforce-which comprises Gen X as well as Gen Y and Baby Boomers-Unisys recently launched End-User Productivity Services. These services are designed to meet information workers' increasingly diverse expectations about where and how they work, the best IT resources to use and the type of IT support they need to maximize productivity in their preferred work environment.

Unisys End-User Productivity Services also enable CIOs to reduce end user costs by providing support for devices, desktops, applications and mobility through a flexible mixture of traditional, virtualized and secure cloud-based service delivery models.

For more information on Unisys End-User Productivity Services, go here.