Unisys Strengthens Cloud Offerings with Enhanced Secure Private Cloud Solution

Unisys Corporation has announced Version 2 of its Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, its flagship cloud solution for clients' and cloud service providers' data centers.

The solution incorporates improvements to the core software stack, as well as expanded management, security and infrastructure automation capabilities.

As part of Unisys' Hybrid Enterprise strategy, the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution gives clients an integrated, cost-efficient vehicle to provide on-demand IT resources and manage hybrid IT environments comprising both traditional and cloud-based IT delivery models.

According to Unisys, as an enterprise-class solution, the Secure Private Cloud Solution helps clients to avoid two potentially costly complications of enterprise cloud initiatives - virtual machine sprawl, which often results from over-reliance on commodity virtualization systems; and the "cloud in a corner" syndrome,  which occurs when new cloud-based solutions are disconnected from existing IT resources, resulting in greater infrastructure complexity, overlapping staff skills and inadequate return on resource investment.

"Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution enables clients to transform data center operations into a flexible self-service environment to manage an entire IT infrastructure comprising both cloud and non-cloud resources," says Rod Sapp, vice president, Data Center Transformation and Outsourcing Products and Technology, Unisys. "We developed this solution with the enterprise requirements of clients such as our ClearPath users in mind."

Key enhancements in Secure Private Cloud Version 2 include:

  • An enhanced open software framework that gives clients greater flexibility in changing elements of the stack and integrating the solution with widely used IT service management systems such as BMC Remedy and IBM Tivoli.
  • Single-pane management of all resources within the cloud environment. This software-based capability, which uses an advanced graphical user interface (GUI), is separated from the physical platform and linked to the administrative console only by an IP connection. That way it can be used to manage multiple computing environments in a hybrid enterprise comprising traditional data centers, outsourced resources and multiple types of clouds.
  • Role-based single sign-on security for simplified access to cloud operations. This new feature complements the security capabilities of Unisys Stealth solution, which clients can use in conjunction with the Secure Private Cloud Solution to provide an extra measure of security for business information.
  • Tight integration with the Unisys Converged Remote Infrastructure Management Suite solution, which monitors and correlates events across all segments of a managed infrastructure to orchestrate preventive and pre-emptive action against potential IT faults.
  • Enhanced automated orchestration capabilities that enable faster policy-based allocation of resources to meet fluctuating business demands.

Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution uses a usage metering capability that collects information on utilization of IT resources, then allocates charges back to the business organizations that use them. Unisys also offers a comprehensive set of advisory, planning and implementation services for clients seeking a hybrid enterprise or cloud solution.

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