University of Minnesota Reduces Data Center Footprint with Exadata

The University of Minnesota, a top research institution comprised of five campuses, 65,000 students and 25,000 employees, has made systematic changes and improved database administration efficiency with Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

University of Minnesota uses Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources, PeopleSoft Financial Management and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to run many of its critical business applications. To support these applications, the University of Minnesota uses Oracle Database, Oracle Diagnostics Pack, Oracle Tuning Pack, Oracle Advanced Security and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

By hosting its IT environment on two Oracle Exadata Database Machine half racks, the university consolidated more than 200 Oracle database instances into fewer than 20, enabling it to reduce data center floor space and total cost of ownership.

In addition, the University of Minnesota now delivers Oracle database hosting services to departments and business units across the institution, including its research departments.  Through the single architecture, Oracle Exadata enables the university to deliver database-wide updates under a consistent set of standards, improving manageability. Moreover, using Exadata, university DBAs can support thousands of queries per second – with up to 90 times faster processing speed – while improving disaster recovery capabilities to ensure maximum database availability.

University of Minnesota worked with Oracle Consulting to implement Oracle Exadata in approximately three weeks in May 2011. The environment went production live with the university’s PeopleSoft applications in March 2012.

More information is available about Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Consulting