Unlocking the Mysteries of Oracle and SQL Server Database Issues

DBAs need smarter tools to keep their database environments running efficiently so they can spend less time on menial tasks and more on strategic initiatives.

Pini Dibask, product manager for database performance management at Quest Software, recently discussed Foglight Performance Investigator and how to solve the mysteries of a database during a DBTA webcast.

Modern DBAs are under pressure to manage multiple platforms and editions, deliver the best performance and stability, and must adjust to changing technologies, Dibask explained.

The Foglight Performance Investigator can help by offering rich monitoring coverage for Oracle along with services for SQL Server.

SQL PI is a performance investigator that can support all database editions and configurations to offer an analysis toolset for deep visibility into database performance.

With this tool, DBAs can perform deep-dive into multi-dimensional workload analysis, investigate multi-dimensional wait-events and statistics, analyze session historical activity, and filter workload activity highlights.

Other features of the platform include:

  • The ability to resolve performance issues across database platforms by determining the most critical problems and taking immediate action.
  • Integrated management and performance views that allow users to understand the enterprise’s health and activity, as well as receive pop-up advice with correlated workflows.
  • Alerting about deviations from normal activity, as well as track performance using automatic detection and calculation of normal ranges for all metrics.
  • The ability to resolve performance issues by navigating through diagnostics and alarm data from any drill-down screen.
  • Access to data collected by Foglight which can be used to develop customized views and reports.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.