Unravel Data Advances Application Performance Management for Big Data

Unravel Data, which provides an application performance management (APM) platform designed to simplify DataOps, has unveiled a new set of automated actions for improving big data operations and performance. 

Based on its work with more than 100 enterprise customers and prospects, the 4.0 release helps make DataOps more proactive and productive by automating problem discovery, root-cause analysis, and resolution across the entire big data stack, while improving ROI and time to value of big data investments.

According to the vendor, done correctly, DataOps, which provides a set of practices and tools to increase velocity, reliability, and quality of data analytics, fosters a tight collaboration between data engineers/data scientists and IT operations, which in turn leads to faster time to market with big data apps that are high performing and reliable.

However, since operations teams typically leverage multiple tools in order to manage their big data stack, there can be bottlenecks and delays for users who must turn to short-handed DataOps teams to gain complete diagnostic understanding of the issues. Unravel seeks to help mitigate these issues by providing a full-stack performance management software that monitors applications to infrastructure, all from one place.

Key features of the new release include the ability to detect and diagnose apps over-allocating resources or under-utilizing containers; detection and diagnosis of why an app is slow with recommendations on ways to speed up application and improve reliability; alerts on bad configurations in the cluster, showing all apps that could run better with new settings, and applies new settings on demand; identification of which service is degraded, with context on why and which apps/users are affected; and alerts to users if storage is reaching capacity with information on  which tables and files can be removed or cached to get more mileage out of current storage.

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