Upcoming DBTA Webinar will Explore Revelation Software’s OpenInsight 10

In an upcoming webinar with DBTA, Revelation Software will present an overview covering the latest updates to OpenInsight. "An Introduction to the Features and Benefits of OpenInsight 10" will take place on Thursday, June 7, at 2 p.m. ET.

In April, Revelation Software announced the official release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 10.0.

OI 10 has been re-engineered for 64-bit in this new release. Revelation has rewritten nearly every bit of code in the product, from the interface with the user, to the reporting tools, to the speed of the indexing routines.

“The reason why we’re doing this is to coincide with OpenInsight 10. There is so much detail that went into the product, with new features and enhancements, that we felt that reading material alone would not be sufficient to give an overview of what’s in the product so we thought it would be nice to do a webinar so we can at least hit the highlights and benefits of the new features,” said Robert Catalano, director of sales and marketing, Revelation Software.

In the webcast, Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation Software; Catalano; and Bryan Shumsky, senior software developer, Revelation Software, will discuss different components within OI 10 – starting off with an overview of what Revelation will cover.

OI 10 provides the following new and/or improved components:

  • New IDE
  • Arev64
  • User and Data Security
  • Management Console
  • Git Integration
  • Universal Driver 5.1

“We’re going to cover the gamut of all these features within OpenInsight 10 during the course of the webinar,” Catalano said.

At the conclusion of the session, Revelation will participate in a Q&A session, Catalano explained.

The company has already gotten some feedback on the new updates and is looking forward to interacting with attendees during the session.

“One can never tell, but I can think it’s going to be highly successful and well-attended and, if that’s the case, then it tells us this is another way to focus on reaching our client base and getting the word out about OpenInsight,” Catalano said.

To reserve a spot for "An Introduction to the Features and Benefits of OpenInsight 10" on Thursday, June 7, at 2 p.m. ET, go here.