Updates to SAP HANA Include an Express Edition and New Enhancements for Cloud

SAP is updating its HANA platforms to deliver rapid application development and new cloud features.

SAP is introducing a SAP HANA express edition, promising a streamlined, downloadable version of its in-memory platform that’s optimized for fast and continuous development of data-driven applications, according to the company. 

This latest release provides developers with ubiquitous access to the SAP HANA platform to build applications free of charge on a laptop, desktop or in the cloud.

SAP now delivers a downloadable version of SAP HANA along with tutorials, sample code, and access to the SAP Developer Community to help developers get up to speed quickly with flexible deployment environments.

“The sweet spot for this solution is for developers to begin their experience and their application development journey on HANA from familiar devices that they are already used to working on,” said Marie Goodell, head of marketing at SAP.

Start-up companies and students will benefit the most from this HANA edition, according to Goodell.

Additionally, SAP is enriching its cloud platform experience to include a personal edition of SAP Web IDE for offline application development with automatic synchronization upon connection to the cloud, a software development kit for SAPWeb IDE to quickly create new application templates as well as integrate partner tools into SAP Web IDE.

“We want to make HANA the de facto in-memory database for any application, for any enterprise, that would be the end goal,” said Dan Lahl, vice president of product marketing at SAP. “We’re providiving a number of different ways to get started, to consume it, to build, to deploy and then to scale the applications.”

Along with these updates the HANA Cloud Platform portal service to enable community-based content and experiences is now available for open source projects.

“We’re open sourcing the templates that we built for the portal service so we see a number of customers using the portal as the way that they enter into SAP applications today,” x. “We want people to enhance the templates, create new templates, put them back into the community so that you’ll have all these templates that you can use to interact with the templates in the portal service.”

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