User Behavior Analytics Solution Enables Cloudera Customers to Identify Potential Security Threats

Fortscale Security Ltd., a provider of user behavior analytics software for enterprise security, is partnering with Cloudera to enable customers to build end-to-end Hadoop-based security analytics solutions to collect, manage and analyze logs for discovery of security threats. Fortscale has certified its user behavior analytics solution on Cloudera Enterprise.

Fortscale’s integration takes advantage of core security features such as Kerberos and Apache Sentry to enable compliance with enterprise security standards and allowing customers to leverage Fortscale for SIEM  (security information and event management) augmentation and discovery of insider threats with user behavior analytics.

“This partnership with Cloudera is a natural, as our user behavior analytics solution was designed and built on a Hadoop-based architecture from its inception,” said Idan Tendler, founder and CEO, Fortscale. “With Fortscale, Cloudera users can now better protect themselves by quickly identifying and responding to suspicious activity and potential threats.”

According to Fortscale, Hadoop has played an integral role in its development because Hadoop can support large-scale organizations, historical depth of data analyzed and the breadth of data sources that are mandatory to support an effective user behavior analytics solution.

“Fortscale’s user behavior analytics, coupled with an enterprise data hub from Cloudera, enables our joint customers to discover insider security threats within their organization,” said Tim Stevens, vice president of business and corporate development at Cloudera. The integrated solution will help customers to thwart cyber threats and increase the business value of an enterprise data hub, he added.

Fortscale’s solution supports multiple use cases including discovering targeted attacks that leverage compromised user credentials, pinpointing rogue users and profiling malicious users' access to data. Fortscale customers have benefitted from predictive intelligence capabilities, the ability to evaluate and mitigate risks, obtaining fast results and achieving an improved ROI on their existing SIEM investments.

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