Using Big Data to Build a Successful Marketing Campaign

What can you learn from the structure of an email and what really constitutes as a “good” post? What kinds of data can you grab to create the best marketing campaign? Matt Laudato will address those questions during his presentation, titled “Supercharging Your Marketing with Big Data,” at Data Summit 2016 in NYC.

Laudato is senior manager for Big Data Analytics at Constant Contact.

“Broadly the idea is: How do you bring some of the big data analytics techniques that have developed and matured over the past few years to the subject of email marketing optimization?”  Laudato said. “How can you start with that data and come up with models to help marketers be better marketers?”

His presentation will touch on the volume of data that comes in on a daily and hourly basis, how to store that data in applications, and how to move that data into big data environments.

“The rest of the presentation is really all about putting analytic techniques to bear in order to really come up with some data based best practices on how to build effective digital communications,” Laudato said.

This topic is important for attendees because it explores what people actually do with data to deliver real business value.

“There’s been a lot of talk around, data is the new oil and things of this nature, well, how do you make that real?” Laudato said.

He looks forward to presenting at Data Summit, Laudato noted.

“I think it’s a real great opportunity to meet a lot of other practitioners that work with folks and just see what people are thinking around some of these topics,” Laudato said.

Laudato will present “Supercharging Your Market with Big Data” at Data Summit on Tuesday, May 10, at 3:15 pm at the New York Hilton Midtown in NYC. To register, go here.