Using Data Socialization to Revolutionize Self-Service Data Preparation and Analytics

Self-service analytics has many benefits but it has also upended the data landscape. Socialization is the key to revolutionizing self-service data preparation and the analytics experience.

At Data Summit 2017, Jon Pilkington, chief product officer at Datawatch, will discuss how this transformative capability integrates with traditional self-service data preparation to provide a better analytics experience.

Data Summit 2017 takes place May 16-17 at the New York Hilton Midtown, with pre-conference workshops on May 15.

For many years in the business intelligence to self-service analytics space, there has been a common theme of a few people doing most of the work, Pilkington explained. This hasn’t made organizations very efficient, in fact, it has caused bottlenecks.

“BI made data accessible to the masses. Self-service analytics broke down the barriers of silos created by business intelligence and IT,” Pilkington said. “What we believe is, by creating an environment of a data marketplace where I can provide socialization, gamification, and catalogues, I can now start to create a data environment where people can come in and be notified of the work other people have done.”

When the information is put in a marketplace, people can follow others and get notified when items are created. Then the creation gets rated and liked, allowing users to get a sense of the trust and quality ranking of that data, Pilkington said.

This topic is a way for people to understand how to be more efficient and agile than they have been in the past. With a shortage of data scientists and lack of business analysts who understand data, companies need to start turning its organization from consumers into producers, Pilkington explained.

“By leveraging the power of many, we can start changing and improving the agility of analysts and business to get at data and answer questions in a more comprehensive and faster way than they’ve ever done in the past,” Pilkington said.

This year will be his first time at Data Summit and Pilkington looks forward to getting feedback on their message and better understand all the use cases out there so Datawatch can strengthen their message, help people understand it, and improve how users are working.

“We’re excited,” Pilkington said. “We want to get to the people that really know and understand data, how they architect it, and how it gets used within organizations to start better understanding those use cases. I think we’ll start creating some nice partnerships to try and change the industry a bit.”

Pilkington’s session, “Data Socialization: Revolutionizing Self-Service Data Preparation and Analytics,” will be presented at Data Summit on Wednesday, May 17, at 3:45 pm.

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