Using IDERA SQL Admin Toolset to Maintain Databases

Maintaining and updating the businesses database is crucial to running a successful company. To prevent and diagnose availability, health, and performance issues it is essential to review and manage the configuration of SQL Server instances and databases.

Whether viewing and modifying the settings of instances and databases or comparing settings to historical snapshots and other instances, it is imperative to have a quick and easy way to access this information.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Justin Wilkes, Sales Engineer at IDERA, who discussed how IDERA SQL Admin Toolset can help enterprises with some of its 24 essential tools.

IDERA’s toolset offers:

  • 24 desktop tools for your everyday SQL Server needs
  • Run every day diagnostics across multiple SQL servers
  • Complete administrative tasks in minutes, not hours
  • Eliminate time spent developing, testing and maintaining custom scripts
  • User based Licensing so you can use the product on all your SQL servers, no matter how big your environment is

Wilkes explained the proper use cases for IDERA’s tools, this includes:

  • If you are new to an environment and want to know what the status and scope of that environment is
  • If you are a contractor and you change environments weekly/monthly
  • If you want to be more efficient or timely completion of everyday tasks
  • If you are migrating to the cloud or a newer version of SQL
  • If your company has purchased another company or added another division and you need to get a handle on the new assets
  • If you want to establish a baseline for instance\database level basic settings and easily identify boxes that are not in the same configuration

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.