Using Streaming Data to Understand SIEM Alerts and Prevent Cyberattacks

The importance of reacting quickly to data threats was highlighted at Data Summit 2017 by Cy Erbay, senior director of technology, Striim. 

For the first time this year, Data Summit presented the Data Security Forum, which was moderated by Michelle Malcher, IOUG SELECT Editor, and security architect at Extreme Scale Solutions. 

According to Erbay, cyberattacks can be prevented by leveraging data to understand SIEM alerts. Streaming data offers a number of advantages for security because it is real time, enables proactive prevention, can correlated across data sources, can be customized per business requirements, evolves easily as needed and is multi-purpose, he noted.

Erbay added that security solutions enabled by streaming data include continuous data collection, enrichment and correlation of data and events from multiple sources in real time; analysis of all relevant data in real-time close to the point of data collection; correlation of multiple data sources to reveal patterns that point solutions cannot detect; visualization of data  on interactive dashboards, enabling fast and accurate threat assessment;  real-time alerts via email, texts, and dashboards; automated workflow triggers to prevent major widespread damage; and easy modification of application logic to adapt to new threats.

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