Utilizing Informatica’s Cloud Data Management Prowess for the Microsoft Ecosystem

Joint innovations from Informatica and Microsoft center its advancement on trusted data for trusted outcomes. By merging the power of Informatica’s AI-powered cloud data management platform with Microsoft Fabric, organizations can maintain true confidence in their data—an irrefutable hot commodity in the era of AI.

Jason Tolbert, senior director, strategic alliances (Microsoft) at Informatica, and Pavan Lakkala, principal program manager at Microsoft, joined DBTA’s webinar, Revolutionizing Cloud Data Management for the era of AI, to explore how combining the Microsoft Fabric with Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) can empower enterprises to solve critical, modern data challenges and accelerate their AI and analytics initiatives.

Informatica brings data management to the Azure table, enabling enterprises to comprehensively maintain their data through processes such as discovering, cataloging, ingesting, cleansing, integrating, governing data, and more. The strategic partnership between Informatica and Microsoft aims to allow joint customers to keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation without leaving behind core data management principles.

“When you think about all the most recent announcements from Microsoft—when you take a look at where they are growing and where they are pushing to make new innovation happen for their customers—Informatica is there every step of the way,” said Tolbert.

Informatica’s data management capabilities for the Microsoft ecosystem allows customers to tackle their most pressing data challenges, ultimately affording them the data management tools to enable and accelerate data, AI, and analytics initiatives. Being able to trust the data fueling proprietary AI and analytics projects—as well as confront issues with data discovery, governance, security, cleansing, population, and mastering—is a fundamental aspect of Informatica’s role in its Microsoft partnership.

“[These challenges] prevent customers not only from moving their data workload up to the cloud so that they can drive their analytics and AI initiatives, but also for them to be able to trust that the data that is there is worth using,” said Tolbert.

With almost 300 connectors, including those for ADLS, Blob, Synapse, SQL DW, SQL DB, and more, Informatica’s IDMC for the Azure ecosystem offers deep integration complementary to what Microsoft delivers for data management.

Lakkala emphasized that the IDMC can be leveraged as an Azure native ISV service, allowing customers to discover, provision, and manage Informatica services from the Azure Management Console. To supplement this point, Lakkala walked webinar viewers through a live demo of IDMC as an Azure native ISV service.

Ultimately, the partnership between Informatica and Microsoft works to accomplish several key benefits, including:

  • Seamless, integrated, and unified experience of IDMC into Microsoft Fabric
  • Enrich analytics with trustworthy data insights
  • Provide trusted data for trusted analytics

To view the full discussion of cloud data management with Informatica in the Microsoft ecosystem, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.