VAST to Collaborate with CloudHealth

VAST is partnering with CloudHealth by VMware, provider of the leading multi-cloud management platform, enabling VAST customers to manage cloud and virtual resources across platforms and environments.

“The VAST – CloudHealth partnership brings together significant resources for delivering all facets of cloud infrastructure, consumption, and management,” states Don Swanson, CEO of VAST. “CloudHealth is the most robust and mature cloud management platform, and VAST will utilize this technology to deliver a suite of tiered managed services ranging from basic reporting to a fully automated cloud management experience.”

VAST will use the CloudHealth platform to help customers optimize cloud costs and implement best practices and automation for security, compliance, and governance.

Additionally, customers will benefit from a single pane of glass dashboard called VAST View, along with robust reporting and management expertise.

Headquartered in metro-Chicago, VAST provides a broad array of IT services to medium and large companies across the United States.

VAST View provides management of the top cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud as well as VMware virtualized environments.

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