VIRTEL Launches Virtel Web Suite 4.62, Offers New Security and Performance Features

VIRTEL, innovator in mainframe 3270 access and user interface modernization technologies for over 30 years, is releasing Virtel Web Suite version 4.62, adding features inspired by customer requests.

Virtel Web Suite v4.62 is both a roll-up of all software maintenance since v4.61 and the addition of many customer-driven enhancements to security, system administration, performance and mainframe-to-mainframe connectivity.

Notable product enhancements include:

  • New SSO features: Virtel can now be interfaced with SAML and OIDC Identity Providers such as Azure AD, Okta, KeyCloak and more.
  • Security Enhancements: Multiple mainframe TCP-IP security enhancements, including encrypted session tokens and new options for HTTP header error code processing.
  • LU Administration: Expanded control of LU name assignment to users based on userids, user IP address, and/or other specified criteria.
  • TN3270 Dialout: Ability to remotely access other System Z environments directly from within Virtel. (z/VM, z/OS Systems outside the organization)
  • Proxy-Friendly Settings: New Virtel TCP/IP settings to facilitate access via a proxy.
  • Virtel Session Manager tiered menu: Inclusion of new Virtel Session Manager tiered menu facility, including LOCK and other features to facilitate migration from legacy VTAM session managers.

General Availability of Virtel Web Suite v4.6.2 is scheduled for March 31, 2024 and will be available to all current customers and software trials by contacting

VIRTEL continues to offer free, no obligation trials of the complete Virtel Web Suite of mainframe access, UI modernization, and application integration technologies, complete with expert technical support during the trial period.

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