VMware Acquires Continuent

VMware has acquired the assets of Continuent, and the Continuent team is joining VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Business Unit. The news was announced in a VMware blog by the vCloud Team.

Continuent is a provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions. The Continuent team joins VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Business Unit.  

According to the announcement, VMware plans to enhance Continuent’s technology, integrating it within VMware vCloud Air, its hybrid cloud service. The company will also investigate expanding the integration to VMware’s core Software-Defined Data Center products to provide new services and product capabilities that will enhance customers’ ability to provide high availability, scale, and reliability for their relational databases and dependent applications.

The acquisition offers "concrete benefits" to Continuent customers, said Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent. The Continuent team and Continuent Tungsten product are transferring as a unit into VMware and will continue to serve customers as before and offer the same features of data high availability, cross-site operation, and heterogeneous integration.

With the addition of new resources, including new staff and technology from VMware, he added, Continuent will be able to deliver innovative features and provide support to its rapidly increasing customer base.