VMware Unveils New Capabilities for Applications and Desktop Virtualization in Horizon 6 and New Linux Early Access Program

VMware is offering a new release of VMware Horizon 6 featuring advanced capabilities for application publishing, 3D application support through high-performance virtual desktops, enhanced Chromebook support, software-defined data center optimizations including network virtualization benefits from VMware NSX, and new features for U.S federal government customers. According to the company, VMware Horizon 6 is a comprehensive desktop and application virtualization solution for delivering and managing physical desktops and laptops, virtual desktops and applications, and employee-owned PCs. 

VMware also announced an early access program for its VMware Horizon for Linux virtual desktop solution. By expanding its virtual desktop capabilities to include support for Red Hat and Ubuntu based Linux desktops, VMware said it is enabling customers to simplify desktop management using the VMware Horizon platform to access Windows and Linux applications. In addition to centralized management capabilities and 3D graphics acceleration, this solution will allow end users to remotely access Linux desktops and applications from mobile devices without compromising security while fostering collaboration.

"VMware disrupted the industry when it offered a compelling option to application publishing with VMware Horizon 6, and we are pushing the innovation envelope again with new application and desktop virtualization capabilities in this latest release," said Sumit Dhawan, senior vice president and general manager, desktop products, End-User Computing, VMware. "Customers can benefit from capabilities that are unique to VMware's unified platform that will help transform their desktops into more secure virtual workspaces, as we leverage the power of virtualization to flexibly deliver any application to any device, anywhere with security and management that is simple and unified. In addition to the advanced capabilities in Horizon 6, the technology previews offer a sneak peek at possible new capabilities to come and represent our relentless focus on delivering value and innovation to customers."

Read the solution brief for VMware Horizon 6 for a complete list of new capabilities and features.

A free trial of VMware Horizon 6 is available for download by visiting the VMware website

To participate in the VMware Horizon for Linux Early Access Program early access program, register here.