VMware and Oracle Strengthen Partnership to Hasten Application and Cloud Modernization

VMware, Inc. is expanding its ongoing partnership with Oracle to help customers modernize their VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Under the expanded partnership, customers will be able to subscribe to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution as part of VMware Cloud Universal, a flexible purchasing and consumption program that helps businesses simplify procurement and accelerate adoption of eligible VMware Cloud services.

The VMware Cloud Universal program is well-suited for customers with a hybrid cloud architecture, customers that have extended or variable cloud migration timelines, or cloud bursting requirements, according to the companies.

With VMware Cloud Universal, customers purchase credits which they will be able to use to deploy workloads on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. By applying their credits to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution subscriptions, customers will be able to take advantage of a simplified mechanism for managing their cloud-related expenses.

Additionally, the VMware Cloud Acceleration Benefit gives VMware Cloud Universal customers a flexible way to leverage the value of their VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) perpetual licenses as they migrate on-premises workloads to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is designed for enterprises requiring the highest levels of scalability, performance, security, and administrative control.

Customers can directly manage cloud infrastructure and VMware consoles for complete administrative control of their entire VMware stack. This enables enterprises to rapidly migrate on-premises VMware estates to the cloud with existing skills, best practices, and tools.

VMware environments operate in more securely isolated customer tenancies at the highest levels of security, including FedRAMP High, to meet compliance requirements.

With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, customers gain OCI’s flexible cloud infrastructure and zero-trust security, while retaining the full VMware administrator experience and control, according to the companies.

“Enabling a cloud-smart approach is about accelerating innovation by providing customers access to the best cloud environments for any app,” said Zia Yusuf, senior vice president, strategic ecosystem and industry solutions, VMware. “VMware and Oracle are helping our customers become cloud smart by giving them faster and easier ways to purchase and deploy Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and our cross-cloud services. The combination of VMware and Oracle drives greater business agility, improves resiliency, and enables customers to benefit from cloud economics and scale.”

Oracle and VMware share a commitment to make it easier for customers to run VMware enterprise workloads in OCI.

“Oracle continues to evolve its partnership with VMware and with this new integration into the VMware Cloud Universal program customers can get a more seamless way to procure subscriptions for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution,” said Doug Smith, senior vice president, global strategic partnerships, Oracle. “Enterprise customers need to have choices for how they procure their infrastructure and applications. With VMware Cloud Universal, VMware, and Oracle customers have additional flexibility to build and operate their applications, databases, and workloads in OCI.”

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