Vanguard Beefs Up Mainframe Security and Compliance Software

Vanguard Integrity Professionals announced the launch and availability of Version 2 Release 2 security and compliance software for the IBM z/OS Security Server. This version of Vanguard's Security and Compliance software improves on nearly every aspect of its predecessor for Enterprise, z/OS Security Server and cloud deployments with new features and functionality.

Vanguard's latest Version 2 Release 2 Software includes more than 100 new features and enhancements, the vendor said, including support for IBM Version 2 Release 2 z/OS Security Server, and Vanguard ez/Token.

The solution now supports LinOTP and extends to YubiKey and OATH tokens. Vanguard added Command Audit Trail that provides the ability to track changes from the z/OS Security Server, capturing changes within the database. This will enable authorized users to see who made the last 20 changes to any RACF profile or SETROPTS settings.

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