Varonis Expands AWS Data Security with Intelligent Automation

Varonis Systems, Inc., a leader in data security, is unveiling new, self-securing remediation capabilities that target data breaches within AWS environments. 

With cloud flexibility comes risk, according to Varonis, which is only further compounded by the understaffed security teams tasked with manually resolving individual data security issues. This prevalent inefficiency creates a wide gap of vulnerability, creating a perfect storm for cyber attackers to infiltrate and exploit enterprise data environments.  

Prompted by this deadly mix of risk and vulnerability, Varonis’ Data Security Platform delivers new capabilities for AWS environments that empower security teams to block public access to S3 buckets, remove stale users and roles, and delete inactive access keys. 

"Too many companies have been burned by exposed S3 buckets, compromised identities, and shadow databases," said Brian Vecci, field CTO for Varonis. "Varonis is the only company with a unified data security solution that will find and automatically fix a wide array of data security issues across an organization's entire data estate—from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS."

Like Varonis’ previous security releases for platforms such as Microsoft 365, Google, Box, and Salesforce, Varonis now provides intelligent automation on AWS actions with high-security value and zero business impact, according to the company. This announcement also features Varonis’ expanded ability to detect show databases, snapshots, backups, and data dumps in EBS volumes, as well as new coverage for Amazon Redshift. 

The Varonis Data Security Platform is available on the AWS Marketplace, aiding security teams in continuously monitoring and improving their data security posture in real time, according to Varonis. 

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