Varonis Integrates DatAdvantage with Hitachi NAS and Unified Storage Platforms

Varonis Systems Inc. has integrated its data governance software with Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) and Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS). The integration utilizes Varonis DatAdvantage to gain visibility, intelligence and control over the information stored within HNAS and HUS systems, enabling organizations to manage, analyze and protect big data more effectively and efficiently. 

The solution comprised of Hitachi Data Systems and Varonis offerings provides visibility; a complete audit trail, recommendations and modelling, data classification, data ownership identification; automated data migrations; and collaboration and synchronization.

“Organizations need to not only control who can access their data but, critically, audit who is actually using that access if they’re to remain compliant with data governance requirements,” notes David Gibson, vice president for Varonis. “Another driver is the introduction of collaborative capabilities, with enabling secure private cloud access to those storage repositories. Equally, migrating data between storage facilities, and even devices, is another area where knowing what you need to manage is critical. Retention policies are extremely difficult to adhere to unless an organization maintains control, visibility, and the ability to enforce these rules regardless of where data resides.”

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