Varonis Introduces Major Software Release to Intelligently Guide Business Policy Creation and Enforcement

Varonis Systems, Inc., a leader in unstructured data governance, has announced the availability of version 4.0 of its DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege products, including complete synchronization and interoperability between the two applications to increase an organization's unstructured data protection. Version 4.0 includes many new innovations for unstructured data management that help to reduce errors, guide decision-making processes, improve accountability, and limit risk of data loss.

Because all of the major steps to data protection have been automated, a business can essentially get up and running with a framework for protecting unstructured data within hours. DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege work with unstructured data (e.g., CAD drawings; images; software code; etc.) that resides on shared networks, file servers, network-attached storage devices, and other sources connected to corporate LANs and intranets.

DatAdvantage provides IT professionals with visibility into directories, sub-directories and folders as to who has authorization to access this data, who actually is accessing the data, and logs every time someone makes a data access request. It provides IT administrators with access audit detail and gives them the ability to recommend if someone should have their access rights revoked.

DataPrivilege gives business data owners the ability to keep access control in line with business needs. Using DataPrivilege, data owners can broker requests for access to the data they manage and determine the level of access any given individual should have (e.g. full access; read-only access; time-based; access denied).

Version 4.0 of the software more tightly couples the functions of these two products so that IT operations personnel and business data owners can be linked by a guided process for effective data entitlement decision-making. "The integration and automation between DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege makes them easier to configure and operate," Raphael Reich, director of product marketing for Varonis, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "You can identify a new owner in DataPrivilege and automatically create an account for them in DatAdvantage. Also, recommendations made and reports created in DatAdvantage automatically flow to all appropriate owners in DataPrivilege. Both products still need to be licensed separately, but there is complete interaction between them."

To learn more about Varonis and version 4.0 of DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege, go here.