Varonis Releases Version 5.6 of the Data Governance Suite

Varonis, a provider of solutions for unstructured and semi-structured data governance for file systems, has introduced Version 5.6 of the Data Governance Suite, with enhanced key data management and protection features for IT and data owners.

Varonis provides customers the ability to standardize unstructured and semi-structured data protection and management on their File Systems, NAS, SharePoint Sites and Exchange Mailboxes with the Varonis Metadata Framework technology that forms the foundation of Varonis software. Organizations can automatically manage data access control, audit, ownership, classification, entitlements and authorization processes on the platforms that host unstructured and semi-structured data. According to Varonis, the Metadata Framework enables organizations to expand digital collaboration boundaries safely while at the same time increasing IT workforce productivity for daily data protection and management tasks.

Version 5.6 includes enhancements to both DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege. DatAdvantage is used by IT people, while DataPrivilege is a web based application intended for data owners and end users. "Those two interfaces are how people consume the information and of course we take it full circle so that once a data owner or IT person sees something they need to change, fix or adjust they can do that through the interfaces as well," David Gibson, director of technical services at Varonis, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

In Version 5.6, for example,  Varonis has completely redesigned the DataPrivilege interface, providing a cleaner, more consistent experience for administrators, data owners and end users. The entire DataPrivilege interface is also configurable, allowing administrators to tailor and restrict functionality for different types of users, as well as to customize the interface with their company's own branding to make it look like their existing web portal.

"Data owners are not all IT people so simplifying what they have to look at is important," says Gibson.

In addition, points out, Wendy Yale, senior director, worldwide marketing, at Varonis, it is a process to get end users on board. If the interface is more familiar, it and integrates more seamlessly into their online platforms that they use internally, they are more comfortable. The result is that it is easier for companies to roll out the solution to and gain acceptance with their users.

The new version also features Enhanced Administrator Views for increased efficiency and Entitlement Review improvements that provide more actionable information.

Additional features in Version 5.6 include:

Share Permissions Visibility, allowing DatAdvantage for Windows to display both logical and physical permissions, and organize the file system in the work area by either file system hierarchy or by logical share. This helps organizations to quickly visualize and ensure proper access control.

Bulk Upload of Data Owners, allowing DatAdvantage users to more quickly and efficiently assign owners to large numbers of data containers without having to manually assign them.

Data Owner Cloning & Replacement, simplifying the ongoing maintenance of data ownership through a point-and-click interface in DatAdvantage.

Algorithm Verification of Classification Results, ensuring the accuracy of classification results for data such as credit card or Social Security numbers with a minimum of false positives within Varonis' IDU Classification Framework.

Classification Results File Analysis, enabling organizations to quickly inspect the relevant content of files that may contain sensitive content, while maintaining the integrity of the file's access controls.

Integration with RSA DLP through the GUI, allowing users to more easily leverage RSA DLP data classification information with an integration to the Varonis IDU Classification Framework

Varonis DatAdvantage and Varonis DataPrivilege Versions 5.6 will be generally available on July 1. All customers currently under support will receive the new 5.6 features for free as part of their Varonis support package.

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