Varonis Systems Delivers New Data Classification Framework for Locating Sensitive Information

Varonis Systems Inc., a vendor that provides software for unstructured data governance, has announced the availability of its Intelligent Data Use (IDU) Data Classification Framework for discovering sensitive information. The Framework produces rapid actionable results by uniting data classification technology with a unique meta-data layer to guide searches for files containing sensitive information.

Instead of looking at every file in a linear manner, the Varonis IDU Data Classification Framework uses its meta-data layer to determine which directories are of most interest or at greatest risk and then prioritizes its searches for sensitive data starting there. The Varonis meta-data layer provides critical context and intelligence about who can access certain data, who has accessed it, who the data owners are and whose access should be revoked. This context allows businesses to hone-in on sensitive information that is most at risk or most relevant and take immediate action.

"The IDU Data Classification Framework consists of various components that were developed earlier plus a new data content classification component. The pre-existing components include meta-data collection, retention and storage, and analysis and modeling. The new classification component adds context, which comes from the meta-data layer. The context accelerates the classification process and points to actionable remediation steps," Raphael Reich, senior director of marketing for Varonis tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The classification engine can search for key words, phrases and regular expressions, offering organizations a complete solution. It can also integrate with data classification engines that are already in place, providing end users the flexibility to easily incorporate Varonis into their existing environment. The Framework has easy-to-configure rules that combine data content and data context, providing organizations with the intelligence to classify data, manage who has access to it, and know whose privileges should be revoked. In a glance, organizations can see where sensitive data is found and what classification rules are triggered. The data classification capabilities added to Varonis' existing data governance framework allow data classification results to be accessed in the user interface and reports of Varonis' flagship product, DatAdvantage.

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