Varonis Unveils Version 5.0 of Data Governance Platform

Varonis Systems Inc., a leader in unstructured data governance, has announced the availability of Version 5.0 of its DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege software products, which together provide a robust platform for integrated problem discovery, enhanced data protection, and entitlement management for data owners. Version 5.0 automates the implementation of file system protection best practices via its integrated problem discovery reports, which give guidance on reducing excessive access and maintaining optimal access controls. The new features mitigate risks to file system data by indicating issues in directory services and file system configurations that can result in unpredictable and unwanted access events. By providing detailed intelligence and recommendations, Varonis helps businesses meet company and governmental guidelines and regulations for protecting data at rest and providing need-to-know based access.

Johnnie Konstantas, vice president of marketing for Varonis, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the DatAdvantage product is focused on IT administrators, and the DataPrivilege software is designed for business data owners. DatAdvantage provides for audit and control of file system data, and has new features for enhanced data protection, permissions setting, and actual file activity monitoring. DataPrivilege facilitates the transition from IT Administrators to business data owners, and puts these business managers at the helm of managing requests for data access. It also has dashboard style reporting of data use activity, so that business owners can see if there are any potential problems with the access permissions they have granted."

Specific key features include auditing of "write" events (data owners can opt to receive scheduled "change alerts" that notify them when their data has been accessed and modified by another user, enabling them to easily detect and report on altered proprietary data), enhanced access intelligence (data owners have a comprehensive, updated view of employee access statistics), and data access management via email (data owners can approve or reject employee file access requests directly from email clients). This last feature works on any email client including simple-text, browser-based and smartphones, letting data owners manage entitlements anytime, anyplace.

DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege Version 5.0 will be generally available in August.

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