Vectra Networks Targets Enterprise Security Blind Spots

Vectra Networks, which provides real-time detection of cyberattacks in-progress, introduced a threat detection platform that extends automated real-time cybersecurity into all corners of an organization, including previous blind spots such as remote sites and internal network segments.

The vendor’s S-series sensor was announced in conjunction with what it calls Detection Triage functionality, intended to enable security teams to identify and track risky behaviors that can enable or obscure network attacks.

“Combining sensors with our X-series platform allows our customers to automatically see indicators of a cyber attack anywhere in the network without incremental investment in system analyst resources,” said Hitesh Sheth, Vectra CEO.

The new Vectra Detection Triage capability enables security teams to track high-risk behavior that may enable or obscure a cyber attack. For example, vulnerability scanners can obscure actual attacker reconnaissance, and some forms of remote desktop control can enable attackers to take manual control over a compromised host. The ability to customize and track detections of these behaviors using local context is critical to ensure that cyber attacks are not overlooked.

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