Veeam to Integrate Availability Suite v9 with EMC

Veeam, which offers solutions for data backup and disaster recovery, is integrating its services with EMC when it releases its Veeam Availability Suite v9 later this year.

Veeam releases a new version of its Availability Suite each year. The announcement of EMC integration which enables integration with EMC’s primary storage on the VNX and VNXe platform, is the first new capability that has been disclosed by the Veeam in regard to the upcoming release of version 9.

The integration will enable IT to create backups and recover individual items from EMC storage snapshots. Enterprise IT will be able to use Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots to rapidly create backups from EMC VNX or VNXe storage snapshots up to 20 times faster than competing products, according to the vendor.

 In addition, IT can easily recover individual items from these storage snapshots in two minutes or less through the use of Veeam ExplorerTM for Storage Snapshots, without the need for staging or any other intermediate steps.

“Some of the things that this means for customers is much less impact on their productions systems,” said Doug Hazelman, vice president of product strategy at Veeam. “It allows them to take backups or even replicate their virtual machines much more often.”

Existing users of the EMC VNX and VNXe platforms will benefit from this integration because of the new recovery option, Hazelman said. Additionally, by purchasing the Suite they will gain the benefit of faster backup times which will enable improved recovery time and recovery point objectives.

“We now have over 145,000 customers that are using and deploying Veeam solutions,” Hazelman said. “This will also benefit Veeam’s partners. Globally we have over 30,000 partners that are selling Veeam solutions on our behalf so those partners will benefit by being able to offer their customers a nice joint integrated solution.”

The Availability Suite v9 is expected to hit the market in the fall, Hazelman said. “We’ve got a lot going into version 9,” Hazelman said. “This is just the first of several announcements we will be doing throughout the summer as we prepare for the next big release.”

For more information about the Veeam Availability Suite v9, click here.